WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, News And Notes On March 5, 2021

Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso inside a steel cage.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown advertised a big Steel Cage Match between Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso in addition To Bianca Belair vs. Shayna Baszler.

Last week’s broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown garnered 2.145 million viewers.


Daniel Bryan cut one hell of a promo that was marred by one flub after another. He was a couple screw-ups from this being a promo of the year contender.

I’m willing to bet Daniel Bryan’s story about WWE Superstars having to take ambition assessments is absolutely true.

This was the rare opening segment that was interrupted by a commercial break.

Jey Uso figures to lose his Steel Cage Match against Daniel Bryan tonight but he continues to shine on the mic in short bursts.

I love how Sami Zayn passive aggressively calls his opponents “gentlemen.”

Montez Ford really showcased his athleticism in this one, to the point where I began to wonder if this match would be more entertaining if he wrestled himself.

King Corbin scored a victory over Montez Ford that is sure to lead to nothing of note with weeks left until WrestleMania and Corbin essentially treading water.

The documentary crew figures to have several claims of an unsafe working environment, on camera no less.

If WWE had an unofficial slogan it would be “Turnabout is Fair Play.”

Chad Gable was spectacular in this match, and even though he’s Chad Gable, it was quite surprising to see him lose.

After Dominik’s quick victory, Rey Mysterio delivered a cheap shot to Otis and The Mysterios ran off like Otis was Omos.

Reginald has the worst communication. If he really is bothering Sasha Banks to help Carmella, all he had to do is spell out his plan to Carmella sometime over the past several weeks.

As Bianca Belair sold her arm, her “babyface” tag team partner Sasha Banks scoffed “it’s just your arm.”

After years of Bianca Belair telling anybody who would listen she’s “the EST of WWE,” Michael Cole hilariously remarked that her mantra is “never give up, never give in.”

Nobody seems to want Reggie in their business. He’s like a customer with no shoes or no shirt.

Coming off one of WWE’s hottest storylines, Murphy disappeared and all they came up with was to have him come crawling back to Seth Rollins.

Michael Cole prematurely called this match, but given how badly Murphy was getting squashed, it was academic either way.

Apollo Crews has added tribal drums to his new theme and now carries a spear to the ring, which is a bit on the nose but this character is awesome.

Apparently, Crews’ Nigerian accent is now permanent, and I don’t know how to feel about that at first, but this was another fire promo.

Even after Jey Uso earned his keep over the past few months, Roman Reigns still threatened him by saying he’d embarrass the family if he lost.

Roman Reigns really should have been sitting on a tribal throne. The Tribal Chief looks too domesticated in an Office Chair.

Not only did Jey Uso lose inside a Steel Cage, he tapped out. Roman’s going to be furious.

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