Are People Paying Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Cruises?

Most cruise ships have been in port for nearly a year as the coronavirus pandemic lingers on. Meanwhile, people are dreaming of hitting the seas and cruising. Some people are ready to start traveling now. Besides having to follow the required increased safety protocols, some people are willing to pay for the most expensive cruises.

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Around The World Cruises

Most people take a cruise ranging from several days or up to approximately 21 days due to work constraints or the need to get back home.

But several cruise lines have been offering “around the world cruises.” You can sail for months from Europe to the Caribbean or visit many hard-to-reach areas, for instance. These long-distance cruises are relatively uncommon but becoming more popular.


While most one-week or two-week luxury cruises cost up to $7,000 for one of the most luxurious suites, these globetrotting cruises can cost as much as $50,000 per person. A traveling couple can easily pay over $100,000 to spend several months at sea.

The planned itineraries are between 150 and 220 days. That’s between 5 and 8 months out to sea but with multiple port calls to sightsee. Some “brief” world cruises are only 50 days short. You visit fewer countries and continents yet still get to spend around two months cruising.

Due to the somewhat unexpected demand levels, many itineraries are sold out for late 2021. Cruise lines are also adding itineraries for 2022 to 2024 to meet upcoming demand.

Sample World Cruise Itinerary

Where does one travel when spending several months on a cruise ship?

The Oceania Cruises Global Expedition departs in December 2022 from Miami and docks in New York in August 2023. The entire cruise is 218 days and visits most major points across North America, Central and South America, Africa and East Asia. This particular itinerary avoids Australia and Western Europe.

Here are some of the key ports of call that passengers will visit:

There are many other stops in between this list. The ship will cross the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean along with several different bodies of water. People who dream of being like a great maritime explorer, such as Magellan, Cook or Drake, may view this as the trip of a lifetime.

What Is Included In World Cruises?

Each cruise line offers different amenities. It’s important to compare what is included and what is extra, regardless of whether it’s a short cruise or an extended voyage.

Oceania Cruises offers the following amenities as part of the cruise cost:

What Costs Extra?

Some expenses cost extra for the entire cruise duration:

Those planning on taking a world cruise may have to multiple their average spending for a weekly cruise to fit the 8-month journey.

Cruise Lines Offering World Cruises

Below are some of the cruise lines that are offering these multi-month world cruises:

Itineraries, costs and amenities vary. Those who want to take a world cruise may need to reserve a cabin for 2022 and 2023. After so many people spent months sheltering in place during 2020, the 2021 world cruises booked quickly. People realized that being in a stateroom can be similar to staying at home, except you get to see the world.

How Much Do World Cruises Cost?

The cost of world cruises can vary widely. Three influential factors are the cruise duration, cruise line and stateroom type.

The cheapest world cruises start at $12,000 per person plus taxes, fees and port fees. Incidentals also cost extra. This cost is for an interior stateroom with minimal amenities.

Oceanview suites can cost closer to $50,000 per person plus fees and incidentals.

Where Do World Cruises Depart From?

Each cruise line departs from different ports across the United States. Common departure points include:

In many cases, the world cruises dock in a final port different from the original port. But some of the last stops may include the initial port of call, allowing some guests to depart a few days early for convenience.

World cruises also depart from other continents:

When Will Cruises Resume?

Going on a cruise in 2021 or later is going to be different than it was pre-pandemic. Ships are going to be implementing more safety precautions to keep passengers safe. Most commercial cruises will restart in May 2021 if the current timeline progresses as planned. This target relaunch date is for the ocean and river cruises in North America.

Regional cruises are in operation in Europe and other places on a limited basis. But Americans won’t be able to go on a commercial cruise again until cruise lines comply with the CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing Order for Cruise Ships. Some of the CDC directives include PCR diagnostic testing, improved air filtration systems and enhanced quarantine and isolation procedures.

If the first cruises are a success, the first world cruises are expected to depart North American ports in late 2021.

Vaccination Requirements

An increasing number of cruise lines are announcing the requirement to show proof of vaccination to board. Cruisers will need to get a vaccine at least 14 days before departure to build antibodies.

These cruise lines have announced that the crew and passengers must get a vaccine:

At the time of publishing, none of the major cruise lines like Carnival or Norwegian have stated vaccines will be necessary for passengers. But employees can expect to get the vaccine before leaving port.


Some households do spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a cruise. These cruises for a luxury suite on a multi-month cruise let travelers (literally) see the world. Those interested may find a stateroom available in 2021 but may have to book years in advance.

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