The Pre-Trip Trip: How To Lose Your Quarantine 15 On The Way To Vacation

When we first went to shut our doors and hunker down until Covid-19 passed, we were all pretty certain it’d be a quick deal. But just a few days ago, we went into a full year living with the virus.

Many of us dealt with the stress and boredom of quarantine by eating- okay, overeating. Couple that with the fact that gyms were shut down too and no wonder there’s a phenomenon known as the “Quarantine 15,” or the extra pounds people have been gaining as a result of being cooped up.

Now that some destinations are reopening to vacationers little by little, tons of jetsetters are more than eager to pack their bags and head for a change in scenery.

How exactly are they getting rid of that extra weight?

Enter Dr. Aaron Rollins, the founder of Elite Body Sculpture. Nine years ago, he created a unique new way to lose unsightly gains anywhere from your chin to ankles practically instantly and be ready to go so quick, that you can practically board your plane the same day and beeline it straight to the beach.


With his patented technology he calls Airsculpt that he created at his original Malibu office, he and his company have been able to expand to 15 locations around the country and will soon be heading across the pond to Europe.

Rollins says that body contouring has always been one of his favorite procedures to do for people but admits that he’s always felt that he never felt like he had the right tools for the job.

“At the time, liposuction was just so brutal,” Rollins said. “It caused a lot of patients pain, the results weren’t very good, and it left a lot of bruising, bleeding and downtime. But since I saw how happy it made people when they saw good results, I wanted to find the technology that gave people those results with much less trouble.”

One day, Dr. Rollins was brushing his teeth with a Crest Spinbrush which, at the time, was cutting edge technology. In between strokes, he had a thought: The tech behind this is great for getting rid of plaque, so is there a way to translate this into removing fat?

Dr. Rollins found a way to remove those selectively and leave everything else alone without ever needing to use a needle, a scalpel and even stitches.

Airsculpt has been so popular over the last few months that patients have been flying to Dr. Rollins’ offices all over the country from New York to Miami to have their procedures done- a pre-trip trip of sorts. It costs about $3,500 to $4,000 for one area. Given that there’s no downtime, they often head on their vacations as soon as they leave his office.

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