Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren Aims To Make Your Home Even More Secure

The new Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren is audible and visible.

Ring, makers of video doorbells and home cameras, has just announced a new addition to its range: an outdoor siren. It doesn’t have a camera in it at all, but it could still be a significant addition to your home security.

It works in conjunction with Ring’s other devices, such as the Ring Alarm system, now into its second-generation. This is already available in the U.S., and has just been announced in Europe.

The new alarm ($89, £69 in the U.K.), is designed to be a significant deterrent. Not only does it have a loud siren to sound the alarm if someone tries to get into your home, there are lights that flash and tell neighbors that all is not as it should be. If that happens, the siren lights flash red.


Of course, if the siren goes off, your smartphone also gets an instant notification.

Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren in situ.

At night, in what Ring calls its Dusk to Dawn feature, the light shines white, illuminating the area around it and emphasizing that it’s there, to work both as a deterrent and a little extra light.

The siren is loud, but you can adjust the volume on your smartphone.

The Ring Alarm system is a five-piece kit: base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector and range extender. The second-generation version, on sale now in the States, goes on sale at the end of April (£219 in the U.K.) and includes several improvements over the first version, including a sleek look, and an updated keypad to alert three preset contacts that there’s a fire or medical emergency.

Ring Alarm also links to Ring doorbells and cameras via the Ring app, meaning that if the Alarm is activated, all cameras start recording.

Since Ring is owned by Amazon, Ring Alarm is compatible with some Alexa-enabled devices so you can arm or disarm the alarm just with your voice.

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