Odds Expect Trump To Announce His Republican Nomination Bid At Today’s CPAC

JOINT BASE ANDREWS, MARYLAND – JANUARY 20: President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at Joint Base … [+]

Donald Trump returns to the podium for Sunday’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, an event that has many wondering if the former US President will announce his plans for further political aspirations.

While some excerpts of the speech have been released ahead of the event, the perceived tone does set the stage for a potential Presidential election candidacy announcement.

How likely is it that Trump will take the moment in the spotlight to reveal his plans? “More likely than not” according to sportsbooks oddsmakers, who are currently taking wagers on the announcement to be made.

“Trump making the claim that he plans to run for the highest office in the land if currently favored at -150,” shared Josh Barton of SportsBetting.ag.


“Do remember, though, that this only means that he will announce it. The wager itself does not actually require him to follow through with the action, a decision which may or may not be his to make anyway.”

Either way, the same oddsmakers have set the over/under for strawpoll votes in favor of Trump at 84.5%, meaning that it is expected that the former POTUS’ loyal following remains intact.

Where pre-released statements suggest that the speech has been planned and vetted in advance, Trump is known to turn away from the prompters and feed into the cheers of the crowd. A statement of moving the party forward in a unified front could just as easily replicate the infamous Wolf of Wall Street scene where Jordan Belfort, played by DiCaprio, an astounding cry of “I’m not leaving.”

Over/unders of 35.5 have also been set on the number of non-facts that will be said by Trump, an outcome that will greatly increase if he does choose to ditch the script.

The speech will be a telling tale for those looking to wager on the 2024 Presidential Election odds, as Trump currently leads the race in terms of Republican options, at +800.

Kamala Harris leads the entire field at +450, with current President Joe Biden behind her at +600, with many doubting his ability to hit the campaign trail at his age.

Donald Trump’s CPAS Speech Betting Odds Via SportsBetting.ag

Will Donald Trump announce that he is running for Republican nominee in 2024 Election?

Yes -150

No +110

(Odds imply a 60% probability Trump will announce)

How many non-facts will be said by Donald Trump during CPAC speech?

Over 35.5

Under 35.5

What will Donald Trump say first during CPAC speech?

Stolen +150

Future +175

Biden +200

Fraud +300

Landslide +500

What percentage of votes will Donald Trump accrue in CPAC Republican nominee straw poll?

Over 84.5%

Under 84.5%

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