This Is The Best Workout For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

A woman working out at the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choosing a workout that perfectly matches your personality is a great way to make your sweat sesh more engaging and enjoyable.

Whether you’re a fitness newbie who doesn’t know where to begin or a fitness pro looking to switch up your workout routine, let the stars help you discover the best workout to try:


A young woman doing push-ups with TRX fitness straps in the gym.

“Aries is known for their passionate nature which is why they’ll enjoy a high-impact workout,” says NYC-based astrologer, Lisa Stardust. Samantha and Spencer Baker, co-owners of Spencer Pilates Art in New York, recommend TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) for this fiery sign. This full-body workout utilizes your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength and improve balance, coordination and flexibility.



A man hiking on European Pre-Alps.

The earthy Taurus would enjoy a workout that gets their heartbeat rising while helping them connect with nature, notes Stardust. The Bakers suggest trying hiking. No matter what type of trail you choose, hiking not only helps build core strength and balance and boost heart health but also elevates your mood, lowers anxiety and improves overall mental wellbeing by bringing you closer to nature. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the U.S.


Athletic women in red hammock do aerial yoga and stretching exercises.

“Gemini will enjoy a workout that helps reduce their stress while stretching and floating in the air,” says Stardust. The Bakers recommend aerial yoga for this mutable air sign. It’s great for improving flexibility and building core strength. In addition, aerial yoga also helps release tension and improve joint mobility.


A woman in the water doing aqua aerobics.

Crabs are at home in water which is why this water sign will enjoy working out in their element, tells Stardust. The Bakers recommend water aerobics for this zodiac sign (think aqua jogging, jumping jacks, alternating scissor jumps, etc.). This moderate aerobic workout not only improves cardiovascular health but is also great for building strength and improving balance, coordination and range of motion.


A trainer performing Zumba with multi-cultural dancers in a studio.

“Leos will like exercising and dancing to exhilarating music that doesn’t feel like a workout because it’s fun,” says Stardust. Zumba would be an ideal workout for this fire sign, suggest the Bakers. The fun, high-octane workout is a great way to relieve stress while improving coordination and heart health.


A dancer stretching at the barre in a dance studio.

Workouts like barre that take discipline and precision are a natural fit for regimented Virgo, says Stardust. This whole-body workout improves stability and flexibility while helping you achieve a stronger core.


A cyclist biking through the woods.

“This air sign will like to feel the wind brush against their faces. It’ll cool down the sweat as they work out their legs,” notes Stardust. The Bakers suggest giving cycling a try. The low-impact workout boosts your cardiovascular health while strengthening your muscles and bones. Plus, it’s also great for improving coordination, endurance and joint mobility, among other things.


A millennial girl running on the quay and listening to music.

A long run can help transform and clear this water sign’s mind, body and spirit, says Stardust. This intense cardio workout will help you burn some serious calories while improving your endurance, flexibility and strength, among other things.


A brunette kickboxing in the gym.

“Sagittarius can get defensive at times which is why this fiery sign will like kickboxing,” notes Stardust. It’s a high-energy, whole-body workout that helps you build faster reflexes while improving your balance, coordination and range of motion.


A man rock climbing in Buck Rock, California, USA.

The Bakers recommend a challenging, full-body workout like rock climbing for this determined earth sign. “Capricorns like to achieve greatness. This workout will make them feel as though they’re at the top of the world, once they reach the top of the rock/mountain,” says Stardust.


Man lifting dumbells at a cross training gym.

“Aquarians need a workout that they can create themselves,” tells Stardust. The Bakers recommend CrossFit for this water-bearing sign. It’s a high-impact exercise that combines cardio, strength and accessory work to improve balance and help you build endurance and agility.


Female freestyle swimmer in action.

For the last sign of the zodiac, Samantha and Spencer Baker suggest trying cardio exercises like swimming. “This is a given for Pisces who will get the best workout by kicking their fins in the water,” says Stardust.

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